Literary Hub takes you on a tour to 35 literary bars and cafes from around the world

Emily Temple, over at Literary Hub, takes readers on a tour of 35 different bars and cafes where libations were sipped by writers and literary luminaries.

I personally am not a fan of writing anywhere other than my desk. I’ve tried working in coffee shops, but I just can’t relax – let alone write. I feel exposed, like a deer eating its way through a prize-winning garden right in front of the owner’s sliding glass door. I’m going to be spotted any moment!

Of course, the people on this list weren’t actually writing in these cafes. They were drinking and procrastinating, something I that I have done in a cafe. So me and Hemingway have that in common. Well, that and the inevitable house full of cats, but all in due time.

Personally, I think the Carousel Bar at Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, which lists William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, Ernest Hemingway, Eudora Welty, and Anne Rice as clientele, sounds the most tempting.



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