Writer Find Fridays

There’s a lot of great writing out there and on Fridays I like to highlight writers who I like and I think you might like too.

Today’s entry: Caity Weaver

Where she writes: GQ

Where you might know her from: Gawker

Twitter Handle: @caityweaver

It was a sad day when Gawker went under. I still sometimes find myself typing the URL without realizing it. Caity now writes for GQ where she continues to be hilarious.

A Few highlights:

She wrote a series called The Best Restaurant in New York Is with Rich Juzwiak. In the series they visited some of the most touristy restaurants in New York, the restaurant in the American Doll Store for example, and reviewed them. Later the series was expanded to encompass “the whole world” or at least what was represented at Epcot in Disney.

Really, I can’t think of a better way to waste the last few hours of your workday (like you were getting anything else done today) than reading the entire series and anything else she’s written.

A Few Choice Quotes:

The Best Restaurant in the World Is: Canada’s Le Cellier – “This is exactly the kind of ritzy, elegant place in which I have always imagined myself catching my husband having an affair, throwing a glass of red wine in his face, and leaving.”

A review of Singita Lebombo: “I’m talking about a class of hotel so luxurious it soars beyond opulence into an alternate dimension where magnificence is casual, where a breezy staff (more like your loving family who work for you) renders your daily tasks so indescribably easy the previous days of your life feel like a poorly remembered bad dream, where the skin-softening bath crystals are gratis, unlimited, and silently replenished.”

Check back on Friday’s for more writers to follow. You can also select the writer find Friday tag for some new recommendations.

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